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Lead In-Home Trainer

Basic Manners and Puppy Specialist


To Eric, there’s nothing quite like the bond between a man and his dogs.

Especially as they cross a field side by side, eager for the explosive flush

of pheasants.

Eric has always been surrounded by canines. He grew up with 2 Rhodesian

Ridgebacks: Gypsy and Amber. Eric’s mom, Sandy, was a professional dog

groomer and trainer. She and his dad, Ken, were partners in the family dog training business.

Eric pitched in, too, helping with group classes and dog shows.

After finishing school, Eric served in the military for 8 years. A member of a United States Air Force Civil Engineer squadron, he saw action in the Gulf War.


Eric returned to civilian life and took a job at a window company. The work was steady but uninspiring. He really missed the passion he’d felt when working with dogs. So Eric joined the family business, full-time, in 2005. He’s been an important member of our training team ever since.


Eric is a calm, patient trainer. He’s a master at coaxing young dogs and reassuring new owners. That’s why he’s our Lead In-Home Trainer.

Young dog trainer Eric Baechtold


Photos 2022-10-10-Lisa Beatchold-3148-Trish Elting Photographer.jpg

We think of Eric as our “Child and Puppy Specialist,” too. He’s adept at translating the basics of Loving Leadership to the youngest members of our clients’ families – human and canine. He teaches them to build safe, respectful relationships with one another.


Eric visits hundreds of clients in their homes every year. He coaches owners to develop better working teams with their dogs. He also addresses troublesome issues before they get out of hand.


Eric often brings along his own team: his dogs, Trixie and Kilo.Trixie is Eric’s fearless senior assistant. An expert at helping young dogs successfully navigate the obstacles of everyday life, she truly leads by example. Trixie shows dogs to go up and down stairs, get in and out of vehicles, socialize with people and other dogs – she’ll do whatever it takes!


Kilo, the puppy, is our new hire. He’s proving himself a quick study, eager to teach other pups to follow – just like his big sis’.


Eric and his team definitely are experts in their field.

(Especially if the field is full of doves or quail.)

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