We Deal With Dog Training
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  • Is it hard to find time for puppy training?

  • Have you welcomed a new dog into your heart and home - but found you're in over your head?

  • Is your dog grumpy, shy or nervous around people or other animals?

What does a trained dog look like?

Let Molly, Chris & Courtney show you!

Board & Train - $4,000 

Enroll your dog in one of our Board and Train dog training programs: Board and Train for Basic Manners or Board and Train for Special Needs. Both programs will have your dog working on and off-leash.


You drop off your dog with a list of the behaviors you’d like to change. You return to a well-balanced and trained pet.

We’ll support you with all the follow-up you need, for six months. We’re so confident in our dog training that we offer a 30-day, full money-back guarantee!

​Board and Train Program for Basic Manners

We can train nearly any dog to be well mannered in just a couple of weeks. We teach your pet to look to you for loving leadership and guidance.


He’ll learn to

  • Walk politely on a leash

  • Come when called, on or off leash

  • Respond to basic obedience commands

  • Be kennel trained

  • Have good house manners

  • Be socialized to interact appropriately with people and other dogs

  • Stop his negative behaviors

  • Be gentle remote collar trained


Gentle Remote Collar Training teaches your dog to obey off leash. He’ll respond to your remote signal, from the back corner of your yard or across the dog park. It’s a wonderful thing, for dogs and owners alike, to enjoy being active together - beyond the limits of a leash!

What Does Board & Train Program for Basic Manners Include?
  • 2+ weeks of boarding

  • 2+ weeks of dog training, including off-leash training

  • 30-day, full money-back guarantee

  • The K-9 Coach’s Training Kit

  • Gentle remote training collar, transmitter and charger

  • 6 Months of follow-up, as needed: private in-studio lessons, phone or email consultation

Make a Reservation for Board & Train

  1. Leadership Refresher Camp is the opportunity for your dog to brush up on his basic manners training during another stay in our kennels.

  2. We charge a nightly boarding fee for Leadership Refresher Camp and Leadership Boarding Camp.  Both Refresher Camp and Leadership Boarding Camp are subject to availability. Be sure to schedule in advance!

  3. Our kennels are a fun, safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation.

Dog Training Yards
Dog Training Yards

4 acres in southern Overland Park, KS - Aerial

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Training in the Kennel
Training in the Kennel
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Spacious Large Dog Kennels
Spacious Large Dog Kennels

Beneath our bedroom, in a carpeted, fully finished basement

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Your dog learns how to act in a home, because that's where our dog training takes place
What Are Our Kennels Like?

Your dog will stay in our professionally managed home kennels, on our 4-acre campus.

Yes, In Our Home!

We provide beds, blankets, toys and nearly everything else your dog may need. (See “Our Kennels” for a list of things you should bring – and the Top 10 Reasons You and Your Dog Will Love Our Kennels.)

Extending Your Dog’s Stay

Expect to be out of town a few days beyond the term of your dog’s Board and Train Program? No problem – just call to make arrangements: 913-909-9609

Plan to Become a Winning Coach!

Enjoy your time off while your dog is learning great things at our boot camp. We’ll be building a strong foundation here.

But expect to build ON that foundation when your dog returns home. You and your dog are a team. For your dog’s training success to continue, you all need to keep working together.


Plan to begin with a 1-to 2-hour lesson when you return for your dog. You’ll learn to use his new remote collar effectively. You’ll also learn how to form a close, trusting relationship by skillfully managing your dog with loving leadership.

Remember, a well-trained dog won’t stay trained unless a calm, firm, responsible leader consistently manages him. A leader who sets clear goals for the dog and is willing to work to meet them.

We’ll help you become that capable, confident leader with an entire year’s worth of private lessons – as many as you need.

To set you up for success at home:

  • We give you our complete K-9 Coach’s Kit.

  • We give you a 1-to-2-hour private lesson when you pick up your dog.

  • Before you leave with your dog, we work with you to schedule a follow-up lesson, ideally 2 to 3 days later. During that lesson, we’ll answer any additional questions and tweak your dog’s training as needed.

  • We follow up with as many private lessons or refreshers as you need, for an entire year, to guarantee your success.

  • We can consult by phone or email. We’re with you from the moment you pull out of our driveway, for six months.

  • As you gain confidence working off-leash with your dog, we welcome your visits to our training yard. Schedule time for your family to run alone with your dog in our secure, 2-acre, fenced field.


Lead a Great Team – We'll Help!

We understand what motivates your dog. Let us help you begin building a better relationship with him today. Click a button below to register now, online.