Keys to a Fantastic Dog



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This video curriculum is the result of over fifty years of actual dog training experience, not just textbook theory. We have been through most styles, including force-based training, mostly treats, and everything in between. Since then, we have evolved and blended our style into a nicely balanced training program based on loving leadership, management, obedience, and education. It is called the T.R.E.A.T.S. System.


We have come to numerous conclusions about dogs and training methods. Today, we use a blend of training styles to make sure that you and your dog become a great team. Our focus is on setting up a quality team structure in which both of you can understand and participate. We will be using many training styles and approaches so that your entire team will flourish.


One style of training doesn’t always work for all families. Dogs come in many shapes, sizes, and breeds, all with unique personalities. With our vast training experiences, we can shift gears quickly from one training style to another as needed. Some dogs can thrive in a military training situation, while others are devastated by this type of training. Some dogs are treat-motivated enough to learn, while others are distracted from learning by the treats.


All dogs can think, reason, and make some kinds of judgments. However, they do not think like we do. We never really know what dogs are thinking, just like we rarely know what our spouse is thinking, and probably never know what our teenager is thinking. However we do know what has been working for decades, and are happy to share it with you in this book.


We wrote this book because we believe it is time the T.R.E.A.T.S. system gets out to everyone. We know that our training system is rock solid and effective when used continually. It is like any good diet and exercise program: even after you lose the weight, it comes right back if you go right back to your old habits. We are not promising any quick fix here. We do not believe there are any real secrets to dog training. Our system is all about proper techniques, consistency, quality coaching through cause-and-effect, and follow-through.


Here is what you will learn throughout this training course:

Lesson 1

  • Leadership

  • Calm Greetings and Stop the Jumping

  • Controlling Doors and Gates

  • Walking Politely on a Leash (Long Leash Work Phase One)

  • Coming When Called Phase 1 (Treat Delivery with a Sound Chain)


Lesson 2

  • Down With Release

  • Coming When Called Phase 2 (The Mental Leash)

  • The Magic Word

  • Leave It (Phase One and Two)


Lesson 3

  • Sit with Release

  • Stay

  • Problem Solving: After the Fact or Caught in the Act (The Do Better Conference)

  • Walking politely on a leash Phase 2 (Short Leash Work)

Lesson 4

  • Problem Solving: (Whistle and Missile)

  • Fun Retrieve

  • Boundary Training

This guideline is similar to what we teach in our four to five-week classes and seminars. We recommend that you use this curriculum for maximum results, and we strongly suggest that yo start out with the leadership portion no matter what exercises you decide to use with this program. Leadership is of central importance to this entire system.

Every dog and owner team is unique. Take your time with these exercises and get a handle on each phase before moving onto the next.

For example: Make sure your dog is proficient in phase one of Leave It and Leash Work before moving on to phase two. Always take your dog’s age, personality, and your abilities into consideration. Then work on the exercises that will be of the most importance to you.