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Are you tired of being frustrated or angry with your dog? Have you found that treats and positive reinforcement don’t work on all of your dog’s bad behaviors?  Maybe your dog isn’t food motivated, or perhaps food is too big of a distraction?

If any of this sounds familiar,  The K-9 Coach’s DIY Dog Training Kit may be the perfect solution for you and your dog.  This kit is great for people who live too far away from us, or for  people who want to try it themselves.

Between Ken and Lisa they have over 80 years of dog training experience, and have been through many types of training from choke chains and prong collars to excessive treats and baby talk.  

You will NOT find any of those things with this system. This is a very balanced system where we use positive reinforcement when we are teaching a behavior and have the proper interrupters for negative behaviors when positive reinforcement isn’t appropriate.


In this system we will focus on 6 pillars for dog training success:

  • Loving Leadership
  • Basic Management
  • Behavior Modification
  • Perception Modification
  • Obedience
  • Education

This kit comes with our video " The Keys to a Fantastic Dog" and it’s companion book "The K-9 Coach’s Playbook" and all of the accessories you need to train your dog!  You will also have videos to help you work with shy, nervous or aggressive behaviors.

Between the Book and the videos you will have enough knowledge to put all of the training accessories to work!

Your dog will learn to:

  • Respect boundaries with you and your family
  • Walk politely on a leash
  • Have great manners (greeting people politely, no jumping, no lunging)
  • Gain great obedience skills, (Sit, Stay, Leave it and Fetch)
  • Come when you call
  • And Listen to you from a distance

When you couple The Keys to a Fantastic Dog DVD and The K-9 Coach’s Playbook with all of the training accessories listed below, you will not only have great dog handling and training capabilities, you will also have all of the  tools you need to be 100% ready to train your own dog!

We are so confident this system works we off a Full- 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You will receive:

The K-9 Coach’s Playbook:  This book is full of practical dog training and handling solutions.  With simple and easy to follow instruction,  you are sure to become a better dog leader, trainer, and handler immediately.

This book focuses on:

  • Lead So They Follow -Loving Leadership and Management
  • Train So they Win-Obedience Skills
  • Educate So They Understand-Vocabulary by Labeling and Free-Shaping

The Keys to a Fantastic Dog video: This 2-1/2 hour long DVD is our original video that is a companion piece to our book “The K-9 Coach’s Playbook.”  Between this DVD and The K-9 Coach’s Playbook you will have a great curriculum to train your dog.

Sound Chains:  (GDT Exclusive) With a simple “Clink Drop and Pop” or a “Clink Toss and Touch” You will be able to teach your dog you can touch him or her from a distance. Your dog will learn to “Come when you call” and  “Boundary Training” all by learning  “The Chain of Events”  These little chains are a great utility tool and easy enough to put in your pocket or training pouch for easy access.

Portable Pocket Trainers:  (GDT Exclusive) You won’t find these small but mighty squirt bottles anywhere else. We personally assemble them right here in the USA.  These handy little squirt bottles have the power to touch your dog from 15 feet away or more.  Feel free to take them anywhere you go for a quick interruption when your dog is being naughty.

10 foot Chew Resistant Guide Tail: Does your dog run away from you and hide under your furniture?  With this light weight chew-proof cable you can attach it to your dog and be able to get him super quickly.  You can now just gently take him off of the furniture, and even get him out from under the table, or step on the cable as we rushes out the door.  This might be just the thing you have been looking for so your dog can’t escape from you.

15’ Foot Training Lead : This long lead is used to establish “The Leadership Walk.”  where you will become the team leader and your dog will become a  natural follower.  Plus your video will show you how to make a chest wrap out of the leash to take the  pressure off your dogs neck during your walk.

Marking Whistles: With these whistles, you will be able to mark your dog’s negative behaviors from a distance.  We will teach you all about: marking precise moments with these whistlesYou will learn how to help your dog come when called, and learn all about our “The Whistle and Missile” and much more.

3 Baby Bean Bags: These little bags will go great with your Whistle for he behavior modification technique “The Whistle and Missile”   With pocket sized bags you will learn even more about the  “power of distance” Similar to the Sound Chains ,these little bean bags make it possible for you to touch your dog from several feet away, to interrupt and re-direct your dog’s negative behavior.

Training Pouch:  Now that you have all of these tools, you will need somewhere to carry them. This pouch comes with a belt clip and a belt.  It’s easy to keep a few treats, a couple of sound chains, and even your squirt bottle or a bean bag in this pouch.  There is an extra carabiner clip on it for your keys or anything else.   This way, you have all of your training tools at your finger tips all the time, this will help you set yourself up for success. (pouch colors may vary)

Please give the The K-9 Coach’s DIY Dog Training Kit a try. With a full 60 day money back guarantee you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


The K-9 Coach's DIY Dog Training Kit

$189.00 Regular Price
$151.20Sale Price
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