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Why Choose Us for Dog Training?
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Basic Manners, Before & After

Aggressive Dog Behavior Modification

Learn to Bring Out the Best in Any Dog With Loving Leadership

Dogs are smart. They can learn an amazing number of cues and commands.

It's not necessary to yank, yell or choke your dog to teach good manners. Stop the steady flow of treats. Dogs learn faster and more reliably with loving leadership, trust, respect, natural consequences and positive reinforcement. (People do too!)

We Specialize In Teaching You and Your Dog About

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German Shepherd after dog training - we have a special relationship with this breed
What do Others Think of Our Dog Training?

Nancy Campbell, President of Missouri German Shepherd Rescue 

Ken and Lisa were our last resort for a human-aggressive dog named Panzer. We were afraid he'd be the first dog we had to put down.


With excellent training techniques, patience and understanding of dogs like this, they rehabilitated Panzer. We've used Ken and Lisa for other aggressive dogs and across-the-board dog training. We’re most appreciative of their techniques, patience and respect for the animals.

Mike Webb DVM, Former Owner, Deer Creek Animal Hospital

Ken’s dog training is very positive. I’ve seen major differences in the behaviors and attitudes of dogs who were a little out of hand. They just needed what Ken calls "a benevolent leader" to show them the right way.


If he could get MY seven dogs to behave in five minutes, I’m sold.

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