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Lisa Venable


Training dogs since 2007

"To be a good team leader, you must be responsible, be safe & be in charge."

Lisa Agrees:

"Dog training is more than a job.

It’s the gift and passion with which we’re blessed.

It’s our life’s work."

It’s work in which they have extensive real world experience. Together, they handle thousands of dogs per year.

Lisa, ran her own dog care business before joining her late husband Ken as a trainer in 2007. 

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We feel great joy when we see a dog change. We love the magic that begins when a dog starts thinking rather than merely reacting.


It’s just as magical to watch owners learn to lead. The dog training process teaches you a lot about yourself - and your interactions with others. There’s nothing like watching a family learn to work together as they train a dog.


Teamwork makes the dream work.


And we consider it a privilege to be trusted members of the team.

- Lisa & Eric

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