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Why Do Dogs AND Owners Love Our Gentle Remote Collars?
Let Us Count the Ways!
  1. Your pet loves running free at the dog park.

  2. You love knowing he'll come back when called.

  3. You're confident knowing you can interrupt his bad behaviors from a distance.

  4. You can stop yelling - just push a button to call!

  5. If you have a soft voice or are in a noisy area, your dog can still "hear" you.

  6. "Leash free" treks in the woods feel more natural and friendly.

  7. You control how far your dog wanders - before he's in danger or out of sight.

  8. Leash free means tangle free - and a free hand for holding hands, or a walking stick.

  9. If your dog is deaf or hard of hearing, a remote collar is a great hearing aid.

  10. When your dog forgets why he's in the yard at 2 am, you can bring him in without yelling or venturing out in your pajamas.

A dog who loves running free will love gentle remote collar dog training
If you're a fan of dog parks, you'll be a fan of gentle remote collar dog training
Even small dogs can benefit from gentle remote collar dog training

We could go on and on.


We didn’t try off-leash dog training with these collars until 15 years ago. That’s when someone finally offered low-level vibration and stimulation settings.


Our collar of choice offers 100+ levels of vibration and/or stimulation. The first 30 to 40 are extremely low. No need to be heavy handed. Just find the lowest level to which your dog responds.


Our gentle remote collar system communicates with your dog from a distance, like a walkie talkie or cell phone. Call him back when it’s time to go home, when he’s about to get into trouble or when he’s in danger.

Speaking of Danger . . .
Gentle remote collar dog training leaves a dog free to romp - safely

We have a client named Kate. She didn’t share our love of gentle remote collar dog training. She refused try one on her dog, Stanley. She thought using it would be mean.

Kate lives in a picaresque neighborhood surrounding a golf course. Stanley loves nothing more than to chase everything that moves past his yard, especially geese and cars. The neighborhood association doesn’t permit fences.  Kate had a hard time keeping free-spirited Stanley in the yard.


One day we got the call we’d been dreading. Stanley had darted into the street and been hit by a car. He survived the accident but now had only three legs. He had NOT lost his love of the chase.

Kate decided to give our off-leash dog training a try. We were relieved. Stanley is now free to chase all the geese he wants - just not moving cars!

Our Gentle Remote Collar

We’ll train you to lead your well-behaved dog from a distance, with the touch of a button.

Features of our gentle remote collars:

  • High quality

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Waterproof

  • Rechargeable

  • ½ mile range

  • Vibration feature

  • Lots of low level settings for precision work

  • Stops bad behaviors without inflicting pain

  • Safe for use on puppies and small dogs, too

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