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Shut Off Bad Behaviors -
Make Your Dog Shine!

Look at the picture. What do you see?

We see contrast. Identical dogs look different in the dark than in the light.

We see the same thing in our dog training programs.


One minute, your pet is calm and loving. Then the doorbell rings, or another dog approaches. Shady behaviors appear. Your once happy pet growls, barks, jumps or, worse yet, snaps and bites.

The Yin and Yang of dog training: with contrast training, we balance positive reinforcement of good behaviors with appropriate consequences for bad ones

Most dogs have triggers that set off frightened, angry, territorial or frustrated reactions. How do you prevent them from firing? How do you keep your dog happy and well balanced?

Let us help. We’ll show you how to shut down bad behaviors and make your dog shine.

Why “Going Natural” – and Treat Training - Aren’t Enough
Naughty puppies need early dog training - your shoes will thank you!

Many people think it's only natural to spoil a new dog. They laugh at naughty puppies and give rescue dogs free reign of their homes.

They’re generous with treats when training.

They’re then devastated when a dog responds with wild behaviors.


It turns out those behaviors are natural, too.

Don't get us wrong. We love natural. We believe in improving a dog's diet and limiting veterinary pharmaceuticals. We suggest checking hormone levels and using titer testing before vaccinating. We support homeopathy and other holistic pet health options.

We Endorse Positive Reinforcement Techniques

(especially for puppies and submissive, shy or nervous pets)

  • Clicker and Bridge and Target work to reinforce good behaviors

  • Treats and praise to reward them

  • Replacement training to substitute acceptable alternatives for problem behaviors

But positive reinforcement alone doesn’t always work. When it does, it may take months, or even years, to reshape bad behaviors into good ones.

Do you have that sort of time? Are your dog’s bad habits costing you a fortune in property damage? 

Once your dog learns basic manners, you can begin the fun of agility training



Both big and small dogs need dog training
A Better, More Balanced Approach

We’ve been training dogs for over 20 years. We’ve learned that what comes naturally to a dog might not feel natural to a human. Especially when it comes to strong-willed dogs with “naturally” high spirits.

Mishandled by well-intentioned owners and rescuers, most of our fosters arrive highly dog aggressive. They’re often human aggressive as well.

Some are so blinded by fear and rage that everyone who approaches seems a threat. It’s as if these poor animals have been programmed to attack.

Disobedient dogs won’t pause for soothing words or a treat. But they WILL stop when surprised by a whistle, a squirt bottle or the toss of a beanbag.



Ask us about one of our favorite dog training techniques: Whistle and Missle



Both you and your dog are happier after dog training
Then the Magic Begins!

The dog stops reacting and starts thinking. We can train a thinking dog – quickly.
Our training frees a dog from a life of solitary confinement. He can be trusted to leave his lonely pen and join a playgroup. He learns to frolic rather than fight.

We believe in shutting down bad behavior fast, as a dog’s pack leader would. Naturally. By introducing effective, yet humane, consequences a dog understands.

Why Balanced Training is a
Kinder, Gentler Approach to Dog Training

We balance positive reinforcement with appropriate consequences. Used together, we call this “contrast training.” Contrast training teaches cause and effect. You may be doing something similar – and reinforcing a dog’s problem behaviors.

How do you respond when your puppy greets you with barking and jumping? Do you reach down, look him in the eye, say “No!” - and then pet him? Jackpot! You’ve taught your dog that jumping pays off with attention. He’s learned to jump on you, the neighbor’s timid preschooler and your fragile grandmother.

Have you accidentally trained your dog to jump for attention?

What if you responded with a harmless squirt of water?  After a couple of approaches, your puppy would learn that jumping doesn't pay off. Confused, he’d look to you for direction. You’d help him sit, tell him “Thank you,” and then reward him with a treat and a pet.

Again, the magic begins. Your puppy stops reacting and starts thinking. He understands that jumping gets him an annoying squirt. Sitting gets him a treat. Which will he do next time? The one that pays off!

Balanced training speeds learning. A thinking dog works for rewards. First, he performs for treats. Soon he acts to earn your leadership and approval instead.

Eventually you trust your dog to follow your lead. You invite him to join in your daily life. Rather than whine in a crate when guests visit, he calmly waits to be petted. He loves new pastimes, like fetch and Frisbee.

Appropriate consequences, paired with positive reinforcement, quickly rescue frustrated dogs and desperate owners. Our balanced, gentle dog training system forges a trusting bond of loving leadership.

Let Us Help You Lead Your Dog into a Great Relationship
Our dog training makes your dog a better team player
Our dog training trains people, too


Let us help you become the leader your dog needs. We’ll teach you why your dog wants a leader who:


  • Is calm yet firm

  • Is consistent, confident and predictable

  • Offers a loving and stable environment in which a dog can learn

  • Takes responsibility for her own actions and the actions of her dog

  • Sets clear goals and is willing to work to meet them

  • Sets a dog up to win with proper management techniques

  • Minimizes frustration by following a solid game plan

  • Rewards good behaviors

  • Redirects bad behaviors

  • Applies appropriate consequences, whether negative or positive

  • Uses the proper equipment, giving her dog more freedom to be a dog

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