Owner, Trainer

Aggression and Anxiety Specialist

  • AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen® Evaluator

  • Missouri Puppies for Parole Dog Training Instructor

  • Co-Author: The K-9 Coach’s Playbook

  • Co-Producer: 4 full-length dog training video productions


One summer night in 1998, Lisa Baechtold’s Golden Retriever, Charlie, escaped her back yard. So began the Great Neighborhood Dog Hunt!

Lisa had nearly given up the search when her phone rang. “Your dog is here.” It was Ken, a neighbor on the next block. Relieved and grateful, Lisa rushed to collect her wayward pet.

Several years later, Ken and Lisa bumped into each other again at a neighborhood Christmas party. Their conversation turned to Ken’s work as a dog trainer. Lisa just happened to be looking for someone to help train a new Golden Retriever. She hired Ken to work with Jack, who was highly people and dog aggressive. 

Lisa Baechtold, Owner, Dog Trainer, Aggression and Anxiety Specialist


Lisa Learned She Had Great Dog Handling Skills

Working with Ken to get Jack squared away, Lisa learned she had great dog handling skills. That gave her the confidence to start her own dog care business. She offered doggy day care, basic grooming, dog walking and dog transport services. She was a natural! Ken even hired her to groom some of his own dogs, and he admired the way she handled them.

Soon Ken asked Lisa to become a Gentle Dog Training.com apprentice. She accepted in typical Lisa style – with great enthusiasm.

So began a professional relationship and personal friendship. By 2009, it had blossomed into a wonderful marriage and great dog training partnership.

The Baechtolds also share a passion for rescuing dogs. The couple opens their hearts and home kennels to around 40 foster dogs each year. They love working together to rehab these troubled dogs and find them forever homes. (Check out our Adoption page.)

    When I started working with Ken to train Jack, I finally found my niche.

I love training dogs!