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Train in Your Home
Need to Teach Your Puppy Manners?

We work with you and your dog or new puppy in the privacy of your home. We teach the basics and help resolve annoying issues, too.

What can you expect from our dog training?

We typically cover

  • Loving leadership

  • House training

  • Ending jumping, barking and digging

  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Sit, down and stay

He's not a bad puppy. He just needs dog training.
  • Coming when called, on or off leash

  • "Leave it"

  • “Go to your place”

  • Using an emergency recall word

  • Boundary training

  • Basic behavior modification techniques

  • Problem-solving

  • Management strategies

  • Puppy socialization skills, using our own dogs

Schedule your lessons when it's most convenient. We teach during days and evenings, on weekdays and weekends.

Each visit is 1 to 2 hours long. We usually schedule 1 week to 10 days apart. Between visits, we encourage you to email or call with updates, questions or even just to brag!

Register for Lessons


Our in-home dog training programs start as low as $999 for the first dog and an additional $450 for other dogs in the same household – for as many lessons as you need to resolve your issues.

Don’t wait another day to start teaching your puppy or new dog better behaviors.

Train in Your Home

Please Note: We do all special needs dog training in our studio, not in clients’ homes (e.g., shy, nervous, aggressive and reactive dog training; preparing for therapy/service work or Canine Good Citizen Test)


1 Leadership Boarding Camp is a fun, safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation. See Our Kennels for the Top 10 Reasons You and Your Dog Will Love Our Kennels.


2 Enrollment in Leadership Boarding Camp is subject to availability. Be sure to schedule in advance!


3 We charge more for clients outside the Kansas City metro area or for multiple dogs (as little as $100 for the second dog.)

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