Are you interested in

  • Intensive dog training that brings out the best in your dog?

  • Off-leash dog training?

  • A quick refresher course for a graduate of our Board and Train programs? 1

  • A safe, well-supervised place for one of our dog training alums to stay while your family vacations? 1, 2

Then you'll love our boarding programs.

All dogs in our care must practice their manners and social skills, whether they're here for the official Board and Train experience or boarding while their owners vacation.

​Excessive barking, jumping on staff or grumpy behaviors of any kind will not be tolerated in our kennel. Your pet returns home with a new appreciation for doggy etiquette!

Will he still have fun? Absolutely! We’ll take your dog outside for a “potty and play” break in a well-supervised play group every 2 to 3 hours or so, for no less than 20 minutes per session.

Who can board with us? Most Gentle Dog Training.com clients, past or present. 3

Recent graduates of our Board and Train programs also are eligible for refresher training while they stay, at no additional charge, for a full year after their graduation. All you pay for is boarding (no additional training fees).

1 Leadership REFRESHER Camp is subject to availability. Be sure to schedule in advance!


2  We call this Leadership BOARDING Camp – Make a reservation below! (Subject to prior approval and availability.)


3 A few exceptions apply.

Welcome to Our Home!

Your dog will stay in a professional kennel, but in the comfort of home. Yes, we run ALL our boarding programs out of our own home!


We board, train and live on 4 acres in beautiful southern Overland Park. Kansas. We’re west of the Overland Park Arboretum and Blue Valley Southwest High School. Heritage Park is directly to our north, across 175th Street. (Find a map here.)


Our grounds and facilities are always safe, clean and well kept. (Again, we live here!)


Top 10 Reasons You and Your Dog Will Love Our Kennels

  1. Your dog sleeps in a spacious, comfortable kennel IN OUR HOME. Our kennels are located downstairs, just beneath our bedroom - in a heated/air conditioned, carpeted, fully finished basement.

  2. Your dog receives round-the-clock care here. We (Ken and Lisa Baechtold) live here. Our staff starts pulling up the driveway just before 7 am for the first shift. That’s when your dog’s day begins! By the time the second shift leaves, it’s about 11:30 pm. Ken, Lisa AND your dog are tucked in for the night. If there’s a problem at 2 AM, we hear it!

  3. Your dog is closely monitored. Unlike friends, relatives and most dog sitters, we watch over your dog full-time. Our grounds are extremely secure, with 6-foot chain link fences. Qualified staff members carefully supervise each playgroup. For extra security, we also monitor our kennels and grounds from a large TV screen in our great room.

  4. The people who care for your dog know more than the average kennel assistant. We’ve thoroughly trained our staff to handle any dog who goes through our programs.

  5. A professional quickly handles any veterinary emergency. Our vet makes house calls. She visits our kennels whenever we need her – even on Sundays!

  6. Your dog has plenty of time and room to run outdoors. Like you, we’re not crazy about puddles on our floors or in our kennels. We also know that exercise is critical to better behaviors. We go out of our way to see that every dog spends lots of time in our large, fenced yards: 6 to 8 “potty and play” breaks per day, AT LEAST 20 minutes at a time. (That’s especially important for the many energetic puppies we house train in our Board and Train Program for Basic Manners!)

  7. Your pet plays in a suitable playgroup, not an uncaged mob. Our playgroups are small, typically 7 to 10 dogs. We carefully consider size and temperament as we assemble them. We continuously supervise all groups.

  8. We consistently coach good, safe behaviors in your dog – and every other dog in his playgroup. Our kennel is open only to our dog training clientele. All dogs who stay with us are constantly learning. Your dog spends much of his day socializing with our staff and other dogs, practicing his good manners.

  9. We’ll accommodate you in ways most public boarding facilities won’t.

  • Many accept only spayed or neutered pets; we board dogs who remain intact (as long as your female is NOT in heat).

  • Most won’t accommodate a raw dog food diet; we let your pet continue one while boarding.

  • Most refuse dogs with any history of aggression; we typically accept a client’s dog as long as he poses no serious bite risk to our staff. We closely monitor those with past dog aggression. If we believe any dog poses a risk to other dogs, we exercise them separately. In most cases, we’re able to integrate our clients’ dogs into appropriate playgroups.

10. Most importantly, you can RELAX!

We have over 60 years experience at successfully handling and training dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Your canine companion is in safe hands while away from you.

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Make a Reservation!

Make a Reservation

What Should I Bring When I Board My Dog?

You’ll fill out an information sheet when you arrive.

Drop your dog off with:

  1. Food: We are grain-free advocates. If your dog is on a high-quality, grain-free diet, please bring enough for his entire stay. (If your dog is not on a grain-free diet, let’s talk in advance about what he’s eating and how to transition while he’s here.)

  2. Medications or Supplements: Bring all of your dog’s supplements.
    Please include detailed instructions for our trained staff to follow.

  3. Paper Copy of Your Dog's Current Vaccination Record

  4. Emergency Contact Information: Phone numbers for you, your vet and someone you trust to make decisions on your pet’s behalf if we can’t reach you.

  5. For Board and Train Programs or Refresher Boarding, THE LIST:
    A list of behaviors you’d like to change.

   We provide kennels, beds, blankets, toys and anything else your dog may need.

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