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Common Dog Training Questions

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Should I wait until my dog is 6 months old to start training?

NO! Your dog is an intelligent animal, constantly learning. Begin coaching, teaching and training the moment you bring your dog home.

What training is best for me and my dog?

Everyone has different needs.  Click the buttons below to see what works best for you and your family!

Start dog training the moment you bring your dog home

How do I establish leadership with my dog?

We’ll show you 15 simple ways to prove you’re in charge. They’ll allow other members of your family to be in charge of your dog, too. Our techniques are non-abusive and don’t use physical force.

We never recommend choke collars. We prefer a Gentle Leader for dog training

Why don't you use choke collars in your dog training?


Training a dog with a choke collar requires thousands of corrections. When not properly used, the collar puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your dog's throat. It can damage the neck, spinal column and throat. Constant choking hurts a dog and makes it harder for him to trust his owner.

Is dog training expensive?

NO. It’s expensive NOT to train your dog.  An untrained dog may soil and damage property. He could get hurt and end up at the emergency vet. All are costly. Many untrained dogs pay with their lives. Bad manners get them dropped off at pounds, where millions are destroyed every year.

I've been to several dog training programs. Why won't my dog listen to me?

Choking and treating won’t make you a leader. If trained with force, or with a stream of treats, most dogs won’t listen without leash control.  Our training methods establish you as a leader your dog follows, on or off leash.

How long will it take to teach my dog good manners?

With leadership training and positive reinforcement, you'll see some changes the very first day. You should quickly have a more consistent and dependable dog. Each dog and owner has a distinct personality. We modify our training methods to work with both. How long it takes to fully train a dog depends on how well the the dog/owner team works together.

My dog pulls on the leash all the time. How do I stop this?

In most cases, we can show you how to walk your dog comfortably on a leash during your first session.

This dog is a gentleman - teach your puppy good manners, too

My dog growls at people and/or other animals. Can you help?

YES. We’ve worked with thousands of aggressive and grumpy dogs. We can develop a program for your dog. You shouldn’t accept your dog’s growling. However, it’s important NOT to use aggressive training methods with an aggressive dog.

Will my dog ever be house trained?

YES. We have several different house training approaches. We’ll help you find one that fits your lifestyle and your dog. We can also help with older dogs that have been soiling for years.

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