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Train in Our Studio
Get the Special Attention
You Need!

Why come to our studio for dog training?

You get one-on-one coaching, without distraction, focused on meeting your dog's challenges.

Private in-studio lessons are ideal for training dogs who need more than simple behavior modification. Here we have everything we need for highly specialized training, e.g., a large indoor space, open but fenced acreage, muzzles and our own pack of dogs to assist with training.

Lisa Baechtold puts a service dog to the test after private dog training in our studio

Our studio is a large, climate-controlled, indoor facility. We teach outdoors as well, in the 10 large training yards on our 4-acre property. (Want a look? Check out the "Our Kennels" page. And find directions here.)

We enlist the help of our own pack of dogs to help rehabilitate and socialize your dog during training. This insures your dog remembers his good manners at home.

Schedule your dog training when it's most convenient. We teach during days and evenings, on weekdays and weekends.

Getting help with a Gentle Leader in dog training

This training is good for

  • Shy or nervous dogs

  • Service dogs

  • Dog/owner teams receiving off-leash Gentle Remote Collar Training

  • Dog/owner teams preparing for the Canine Good Citizen Test

Photos 2022-10-10-Lisa Beatchold-3547-Trish Elting Photographer.jpg

Each visit is 1 to 2 hours long. We usually schedule visits 1 week to 10 days apart. Between visits, we encourage you to email or call with updates, questions or even just to brag!

Convenience, Personal Attention, Quick Results & Year-Long Follow-up

Generally, we’ll have you and your dog working well together in just 4 visits or less. Need more? We’ll support you, as needed, with follow-up visits for an entire year, without charge.


What Does Private Studio Training Include?


As many in-studio dog training lessons as you need to resolve your issues (typically 4)


  • The K-9 Coach’s Training Kit

  • 30-day, full money-back guarantee

  • 1 year of follow-up, as needed: private in-studio lessons, phone or email consultation

  • With prior approval, the opportunity to return for Leadership Boarding Camp 1, 2, in our kennels, even after a year

Register for Lessons

Our in-studio dog training programs start as low as $999.  We charge more for special circumstances of multiple dogs (as little as $450 for the second dog, depending the issues we address.)

Your dog is always learning. If you’re not training him to behave, you may be training him to misbehave! Transform your dog into a beauty, not a beast.

Train in Our Studio

1 Leadership Boarding Camp is a fun, safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation. See “Our Kennels” for the Top 10 Reasons You and Your Dog Will Love Our Kennels.

2 Enrollment in Leadership Boarding Camp is subject to availability. Be sure to schedule in advance!

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