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Puppy paying attention in dog training class

Your dog is learning all the time. Are you teaching him to behave, or to misbehave?


Give your puppy or new dog the right start. Enroll in our Basic Manners Class.

We teach you and your family how to teach your dog good manners. We break the basics down into 5 simple sessions. Each week, you leave class with everything you need to complete your homework. Plan to practice together daily, to be ready for the next class.

We’re so confident of our dog training that we offer

a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.

What Will We Learn?

Our dog training follows the lesson plans in our class textbook, the K-9 Coach's Playbook. (Your receive our complete K-9 Coach's Training Kit during your first class. The kit includes the Playbook, our "Keys to a Fantastic Dog!" video and the training tools we use in class.)

We cover the following topics in our Basic Manners dog training:

  • Loving leadership

  • Dog handling

  • Obedience

  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Sit, down and stay

  • Coming when called

  • Using an emergency recall word

  • Ending jumping, barking and digging

  • “Leave it”

  • “Go to your place”

  • Boundary training

  • Retrieving

  • Basic behavior modification techniques

  • The magic of sound chains

  • Focusing

  • Problem solving

Still a happy family, because kids and dogs all learned the magic word in dog training class.

Because one training style does not suit all dogs and owners, we’ll use many, including

  • Contrast Training

  • Bridge and Target

  • Follow Through

  • Canine Coaching

We’ll show you how to use food rewards and positive reinforcement effectively, and then quickly phase treats out of your dog training. By the end of class, your dog will be following your lead, not performing for snacks.

This puppy needs to learn basic manners dog training!

Who Should Come To Class?

  • Puppies or other dogs

    • 12 weeks or older

    • Wearing a secure collar, and on a leash

    • Whose vaccinations are current. 1

  • Any family member

    • Age 9 and older

    • Eager to become one of your dog’s loving leaders

    • Able to pay attention, remain calm and leave others’ dogs alone

    • Wearing secure shoes. We prefer running shoes and similar styles, e.g. closed toes and backs, non-skid soles.

Please don’t bring an aggressive dog to class.

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What Do I Get for My Class Fee of $289.00?


When is Class?

Our group classes are 60-90 minutes long. Each group class meets 5 consecutive weeks in a row, at the same time each week. We hold all group classes in our Gentle Dog studio.

Group Class Checklist

When you come to class, please bring:

  • A secure collar and leash, which your dog should be wearing when you arrive

  • A few training treats in a treat pouch or fanny pack (fanny packs work the best).

  • The Right Shoes!

What If I Miss a Class?

If you must miss a session for personal reasons, please review the week’s lesson plan in your K-9 Coach’s Playbook. Be sure to watch the corresponding sections of the “Keys to a Fantastic Dog!” video as well. Practice all new skills with your dog before the next class. (Family members who can’t attend class can learn to coach this way, too!)

Start Training the Right Way, Right Away

Don’t wait another day to start teaching your puppy or new dog better behaviors. Click the button to register for the class that fits your schedule. Or call us at 913-909-9609

  5-Week Basic Manners Class Includes:

 Training  Equipment, Our Book

and Hours of our Training Videos.

all for $289.00

No upcoming events at the moment

If you are having trouble registering for any class, you can bring a check or cash for $289.00 the first night of class. *Please no aggressive dogs. 

1 By signing up for this class, you represent that your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations required by law for his or her age – or has received a titer test that shows he or she is protected by a strong immune response

2 Enrollment in Leadership Boarding Camp is subject to availability. Be sure to schedule in advance!

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