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How Do I Adopt a Trained Rescue Dog?

Ken and Lisa Baechtold share a passion for rescuing dogs. They foster around 40 “death row” shelter dogs each year, boarding and rehabilitating up to four at any given time. Ken and Lisa call it their “Philanthropuppy" work.

Each dog spends at least 4 weeks – often longer – learning basic manners at the Gentle Dog Training facility. Please consider welcoming one of our trained fosters into your home.

We train our foster dogs to look to their new owners for loving leadership and guidance. They:

  • Walk politely on a leash

  • Come when called, on or off leash

  • Respond to basic obedience commands

  • Are remote collar trained

  • Are kennel trained

  • Have stopped problem behaviors

  • Have good house manners

  • Are socialized to interact appropriately with people and, usually, with other dogs

Our foster dogs undergo intensive training, preparing to live in forever families. Adopt one and receive our complete Foster and Train Package at no additional charge!

What’s Included in the Foster and Train Package?